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Sick of the trading lingo? Don’t know how news will affect the stock market? Social media stock picks don’t work out?

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Why is this for free? What’s the catch?

No catch. The weekly stock market report is for free and written by seasoned, accredited analysts.

It is a proof-of-concept prototype and will evolve into a full suite of market analytics products.

But the newsletter you are subscribing to will always be for free.

To the point. Actionable. Accessible.

  • For beginners: We walk you through market developments and offers trading ideas.

  • For experts: We provide you with that critical second opinion and show you the plays you might have missed.

  • For sideliners: We deliver a quick market snapshot to keep you up to date.

What do our readers say?

"Love the simplicity. The analysts know what they are doing."
- Valerie (38), retail trader

"I'm new to trading so I'm soaking up all the knowledge I can get. Actually some useful advice."
- Jordan (23), soon-to-be retail trader

"There really isn't a shortage of free information. But I check Clever Markets first thing to help me get a direction."
- Samantha (32), Analyst

" Lifesaver for scrums."
- Jun Jie (44), institutional investor

"I read it all; Bloomberg, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Reddit... it's just too much! Clever Markets helps me to sort out my thoughts and focus on the important bits for the week."
- Adam (28), retail trader

Make news tradable.

If you are still unsure, check out our archive here. Clever Markets is absolutely free and you can unsubscribe any time.

What is the difference between fundamental and technical analysis?

Technical analysis (TA) is visualised market psychology. It helps you to identify a trend direction and tells you when to get in or out of a trade. This stock market analysis method is based on replicable rules that can be backtested and optimised for superior results. This takes the emotion out of trading!

Fundamental analysis (FA) makes use of all sorts of financial data, news, as well as supply and demand factors. It gives you an idea of the ‘true’ value of a stock. Simple, but not easy.

Is TA or FA better? Dogmatically ignoring one of the two methods is like handicapping yourself. Use fundamental analysis for context, stock selection, and long-term outlooks. Use technical analysis for specific trade triggers.

Get smarter, trade better.

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